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Drug Rehabilitation

We partner with the 22nd Judicial Court to offer counseling, treatment, and community services to those actively participating in the drug diversion program.


Nearly 400 beds support the unhoused.


250 residents are currently housed in our shelters and transitional homes.


Bridged over 300 unhoused residents to permanent housing, since 2021.

Drug Rehabilitation


Magdala and the Drug Diversion Program in the 22nd Judicial Court have teamed up to provide drug counseling services to individuals struggling with addiction. Once referred, Magdala professional staff “administers evidence-based therapy,” utilizing small therapy groups and out-patient therapies to reduce substance abuse behavior.


Multifaceted support

Operated by Magdala in collaboration with the 22nd Judicial Circuit Adult Treatment Court and/or the Veterans Treatment Court.

Focused on health

Our program is for men and women 18 and older who want to be free of substance abuse. Our goal is for participants to develop healthy and productive lives once the program is complete. We will provide individual and group counseling, family therapy, group education, and more.

A new start

Magdala receives cases from the Adult Treatment Court and/or the Veterans Treatment Court. A great opportunity comes at the end of the program. Once participants have completed the program, the courts will expunge their records.

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Success Stories

Jefferson spaces opened my eyes. I really appreciate their work. They feed us, we can shower, and it is a nice place to stay. I can relax, not looking over my shoulder. Doctors are available. This place brings me joy.
– Tiny Homes Resident 

What I enjoy most about working at Magdala is the everyday success I see clients achieve. I enjoy supporting clients in creating normalcy in their homes, and I enjoy being around coworkers who live to advocate on behalf of our clients.
– House Supervisor

I feel safe and I love my friends. I like to exercise, play games, and go on field trips with my friends at the day program.
– IDD Resident

Every person deserves to live with dignity.

Our group homes are funded through contractual arrangements with the Missouri Department of Mental Health and Housing and Urban Development (HUD),
and supporters like you.

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