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We work collaboratively with funders, consumers, partners, and community agencies and continue to seek ways of expanding services.

Family Therapy Program

This program involves situations where a dependent child’s behavior is threatening family stability or their placement in the family’s home, foster home, or group home. When this occurs the first step is determining the cause of the disruptive or pathological behavior; whether its solely the child or most likely the child having a problem exacerbated by parent pathology.

Identified parent pathology may be substance abuse, or mental illness that can be treated by a Magdala counselor or referred out for treatment. The child’s behavior is assessed and dealt with by either individual counseling, possibly medication or family therapy, while the parent is educated about the child’s issues and taught behavior management skills.

Trauma Informed Parent Training

The basic program is an 18-hour structured program for foster parents who deal with severely disruptive and children typically having multiple past foster home placements. The parent training program teaches both behavior management and relationship building skills and uses structured homework assignments for review and discussion at subsequent therapy meetings.

Individual and Group Counseling

Counseling will be offered using Magdala licensed professional counseling staff to provide individual and group treatment.

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